Former Rare devs create their own studio

Layoffs aren’t always a bad thing in the long run. Sometimes new opportunities arise from the remains of an old job. That turned out to be the case for four developers who were laid off by Kinect Sports creator Rare back in February.

Now Mark Edmonds, Chris Tilston, Ross Bury and Phil Dunne have started their own company called Starfire Studios. The guys had apparently been with Rare for quite some time because they have experience working on Killer Instinct and Perfect Dark as well as the Halo franchise.

Based out of Leicestershire, England, the team’s first project will be a space shooter called Fusion: Genesis to be released on Xbox Live Arcade.

Genesis will feature both single-player and MMO gameplay as well as over a hundred solo and co-op missions. That sounds like some kind of value for a digital release.