Forza 4 graphics “came out of Kinect” — Turn 10

Here’s the unexpected quote of the day; according to Forza series developer Turn 10 Studios’ producer Dan Greenawalt, car enthusiasts have Kinect to thank for the improved visuals seen in Forza Motorsport 4. Really.

“This is kind of a funny story but actually the graphics came out of Kinect,” Greenawalt said at E3 earlier in the month, “which I don’t think anyone ever expected.”

He explained: “Honestly, we started working on Auto Vista mode based on Kinect. [Players] will be able to walk up and move around the car, but if they were going to get within that sub six inch detail, you know really close in on the car, it had to hold up.”

Because of that, Turn 10 had to look at higher resolution models, a new lighting model, shaders for different materials, and then integrate it all into the game.

The mighty fine results of said efforts can be seen in the latest batch of screenshots here.

Forza 4 ships this October.