From Space orbits PC and Switch next month

Aliens. What is it about beings from other worlds wanting to invade everything they come across? There are hundreds of games out there with stories that didn’t need to happen, and wouldn’t have if said little green man/woman/thing had just decided to leave well alone. In the game we’ll be discussing today our alien foes aren’t green; they’re pink. As always, however, no lessons have been learned and, therefore, it’s time to pick up the nearest big shooty thing and attempt to teach them the error of their extraterrestrial ways. The game is From Space and it’ll be landing on PC and Switch contraptions next month.

From Space, is a family-friendly shooter coming to Steam, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch and being brought to us by the clever souls over at Curve Games and Triangle Studios. This particular sci-fi romp will see players taking on an infestation of pink aliens, (they can’t just invade, they have to infest now,) in solo and co-op, family-friendly combat. From Space takes an accessible, playful approach to the shooter genre, so players of all ages should be able to get involved.

You can absolutely play From Space as a solo entity and have a lot of fun with it, but this title is encouraging you to bring some friends along for the ride. You’ll be able to bring up to three friends to the party with you. This is giving you three more reasons why the aliens are going to have a really bad day and a bunch more people to witness just how great your gaming skills are. At the very least it beats talking to yourself, right?

You won’t be taking on the plethora of pink pests with a basic armory. You’re being given some seriously over-the-top firepower to play with here including everything from rocket launchers and miniguns to flame throwers. There are going to be a lot of aliens in your way, so why not go one step better with a few sneaky peripherals? You’ll be able to blast the hoard to bits with grenades and mines. If you want to be a bit more tactical, barbed wire and machinegun turrets make a very nice combination. Whichever way you spec your character, you’ll have a lot of fun making the aliens wish they hadn’t bothered in the first place.

You’ll have a wide range of characters to choose from, so don’t expect things to get stale. Each of these heroic types comes with their own unique ability and weapons so you’ll be able to find a playstyle that’s perfect for you and come up with new and interesting ways to compliment your team. To add even more customizable fun, you’ll be able to add special perks to your character as you level up and become more proficient in the ways of alien extermination. There should definitely be plenty to keep you coming back for more.

Ramco de Rooij, Founder, and CEO of Triangle Studios said, “Here at the studios, we strive to create games that are fun for everyone, regardless of age or skill level, and believe that quirky, fun, and light-hearted scenarios create experiences that last. We’re so excited for players to get stuck into From Space with their friends and family.

If making aliens remember why invading earth is a really bad thing to do sounds like something that’s up your alley; From Space is due to hit your screens on September 29th. That gives you just a few weeks to get your team together and get some target practice in. You have a pink menace to deal with so you’d best be ready for the fun.