FUEL brings much needed tornadoes, sandstorms, blizzards to racing game genre

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Like me, do you love the epic scale of off-road racing games like Motorstorm , DiRT and PURE, but feel they could have been so much better with a bunch of lightning and thunder and other mother effin’ nature-type shit?

After watching the above gameplay trailer for Codemaster’s FUEL, I am pleased to report that the long wait for a game combining the thrill of off-road racing and the fear of global warming is over! Set in an alternate present, where the accelerated effects of global warming have turned huge chunks of the country into weather war-zones, FUEL features a dynamic real-time system with “tornadoes, lighting strikes, blizzards, thunderstorms and sandstorms.”

Add to that a free roaming gameworld that covers over 5,000 square miles of tarmac and terrain, and you’ve got the all-action racing game of Al Gore’s darkest dreams. FUEL boasts the largest landscape ever featured in a racing game, using real satellite data to map more than 100,000 miles of tracks and trails, allowing players to forge their own path to the finish line on and off-road. It sounds like it could be almost too epic, depending on how they set up the checkpoints, but Codemasters’ solid track record has us confident this game could be Burnout: Paradise two-wheeling on the edge of a lightning-charred cliff.

FUEL releases in May on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.