Future Mass Effect games will take place “before or during” Mass Effect 3

BioWare hasn’t hidden the fact that there will be more Mass Effect games in our future. They’ve outright said that there will, in fact. However, the studio hasn’t even hinted as to what the games could be about or when they’ll take place. Until now.

In the newly released The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 app, executive producer Casey Hudson says that the events witnessed in Mass Effect 3 is as far as he wishes to go.

While not yet sure what the franchise will tackle next, “whatever we do would likely happen before or during the events of Mass Effect 3, not after,” he says.

The interview was made before the furor over the game’s endings broke out though, so it’s best not to hold Hudson to those words as far as DLC is concerned. Keep hope alive and all that.

The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 also brought news of a Mass Effect first-person shooter that BioWare was working on for a while. It includes deleted scenes from the game as well, including one from the controversial ending. Worth the purchase if you’re a fan (App Store link).