Future Soldier beta in Q1 2012 — Ubisoft

The multiplayer beta for Ubisoft’s overdue Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will begin early next year, Redstorm creative director Tommy Jacob has revealed.

After multiple delays, the game is now on for a ‘March 2012’ launch, so not much room for post-beta fixes. Still, the beta won’t launch until the “first quarter of 2012,” Jacob tells NowGamer.

“The feedback of the players is very important, and every Thursday in our studio we do a ‘fresh eyes tests’, to take a step back and survey the multiplayer and get feedback from newcomers. We invite gamers in to see it back in Carolina and we take their feedback very seriously.”

Also teasing future reveals, Jacob adds: “We have plans to integrate a lot of social features to help the bragging rights aspect of multiplayer, but we don’t yet have anything to reveal about this.”

The Tom Clancy shooter was announced to have Kinect functionality earlier in the week. New video and screenshots are available as well.