Gabe Newell talks movie making and RTS-style MMO

Gabe Newell, president and one of the founders of Valve, seems to be a busy man. Making highly rated games.. wait, wait, they want to make an RTS-style MMO? Apparently so according to an interview done by a community member at the Garry’s Mod website. The interview dives into the beginnings of Gabe Newell, Valve and its growth, but when asked about the likelihood of Valve deviating from first-person shooters, Newell responded, “[every] once in a while we get all fired up to jump into the beyond and do an RTS-style MMO, we start making hand waving gestures about how utterly awesome it will be, and then some bastard points out that we still haven’t shipped the TF-2 updates on the 360 or Episode 3, and we come crashing down to earth.”

I knew TF2 and Episode 3 were holding them back from making an MMO but that isn’t the only bit of information that will make you wonder. When asked about the recent class videos for TF2 and talks of a full length movie, Newell let loose the notion of another video that probably won’t be a class video, “If you look at the series of pieces we’ve made, starting with the DoD shorts through “Meet the Spy”, they each represent a step forward technologically and/or in some aspect of story telling. We’re also getting a better handle on how they relate to the games and what our customers like. The next three pieces won’t be significantly longer, as they are intended to let us work through different issues, but after those, at least with our current roadmap, we’ll start doing longer format.” The next three pieces? Technically speaking, the Pyro and Medic are the only two classes left for a video short. Are we looking at a possible video to couple with “Meet the Sandvich”?