GamerModz – Xbox 360 Controller Review

Sleek with a shiny reflection of your own personal style, GamerModz controllers seem like a dream come true for all the competitive gamers out there.  Gaining notoriety in the gaming community, we got to try out the Xbox controller with an advantage.  Is it what you’re looking for to give your play sessions that extra kick in the pants?

GamerModz is dedicated to manufacturing controllers that sharpen your edge on the multiplayer playing field.  The controller I tested was designed to up your game online or at LAN events.

My first game of choice was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  Call me old fashioned, but I can’t get enough of Sub Base.  First things first: programming the controller.  Initially it was a little tricky, but those who frequently re-program won’t be requiring the included instructions for long.  It soon becomes a fairly simple process.

So what did the programmed controller now allow me to do?  After setting the “shots per second” to five, I was assigned to a match.  The controller’s program functioned as it should.  One pull of the right trigger, and my gun shot five times that many.  Less fuss, more muss (for the other guys…)  This product functioned beautifully.  Several messy rounds later, and I was pleased that the controller shot the five, and later seven and eleven rounds I programmed it for.

Just to see how smart the controller really was, I popped in Left 4 Dead 2 (three years retro,) and got to work.  It looks like a zombie-free weekend as the undead were quickly falling to my pre-programmed fury, and it became apparent that the controller remembers your settings across games.

While the controller was as resemblant to an official Microsoft Xbox 360 controller as possible, there were still some discrepancies that stood out to me.  The overall weight of the controller was lighter than the original giving it an inexplicably odd feeling to it, and the bumpers took a few pushes before I got used to their somewhat sticky recoil.  Somewhat slippery thumbsticks also made things a bit awkward, but after a while, I was compensating for them.

The controller itself was presented in a sexy black and green color scheme, showing off just one of the millions of color combinations in which you can customize it to match your flair.  The chrome buttons weren’t a bad touch, either.  If you’re just looking for a brilliant color scheme to make your own, make GamerModz your guys.  They have tons of shells that can be combined to fit your style.

Those looking to ramp up their K/D should definitely check out GamerModz’ line of controllers, available for Xbox 360.  With tons of colors available and programmable functions to give you the edge you need, these controllers are top-shelf accessories that could just mean the difference between life and death.