Gamers encouraged to mod Borderlands 2

Randy Pitchford, Gearbox president and CEO, has laid out the “welcome mat” for modders who want to work on Borderlands 2, Gameranx reports.

I can hear modders breathing a collective sigh of relief, but don’t jump for joy yet.

He went on to explain that the Gearbox team would not be putting together an official SDK (software development kit) for the game.

“There was a moment after Borderlands shipped where we thought about releasing an official SDK, but we found that most of what we would be able to do, was already accomplished by the gaming community,” Pitchford said at Rezzed.

What does this mean?

Pitchford believes that the community will be able to build innovative toolsets that will work just as well (if not better) than anything Gearbox could produce.

Thanks for the compliment, Randy.