Gaming culture making a splash in 3D printing

3D printing is still, relatively, in its infancy and we are still finding all kinds of super cool ways to put it to use in a variety of different fields and hobbies. It should come as no surprise that some tech savvy gamers are putting their focus squarely on the 3D printing arena and finding ways to market this talent in a clever way. Whether it be a custom rig to map the buttons of your PS4 controller to your fingers and keep your thumbs on the sticks, or a sleek holster to attach your tablet or phone to your gamepad of choice, 3D printing is providing a new outlet for the gamers with a creative side.

Immortal mechanical battles
Ultor case for a variety of phones/tablets and gamepads

Over at the website Shapeways, a site established to provide a marketplace for 3D designers of various backgrounds, gaming culture is strongly represented. For example, there is a nifty phone case that allows you to deliver perfect throws in Pokemon GO; which I really must admit, the Pokeball throwing in Pokemon GO would often get on my nerves and that case would be a godsend.

Maybe if I had this, I wouldn’t constantly run out of Pokeballs

If you’re the type of gamer that likes to proudly display their nerdy side throughout their home, or perhaps on a desk at work, there are a variety of display pieces for some fairly popular games. My favorite ones that I have seen come from Kerbal Space Program, the charming space sim that uses real life astrophysics, which has a fairly strong lineup of high detail figurines up for sale.

A friendly little Kerbal, likely about to explode in orbit

Personally, I am digging the kitschy N64 trophy buck antlers that turn any N64 game into a display piece. Coming from a family full of avid hunters, while myself not having any particular interest in hunting, I feel that my copies of antler-ed Hybrid Heaven and Nascar 2000 would seamlessly fit in with all the other trophy antler displays. Oh yeah, I can see it now.

Bargain hunting is still hunting in my book

If this is drawing your eye, check out some more stuff on Shapeways here.