GAZZLERS steams onto VR in 2022

Like many other helmet heads out there I’m a really big VR fan. There’s something about the level of immersion that VR provides that you’ll only be able to understand if you’ve actually experienced it. This being said, I’m always intrigued when news of a new title presents itself. I’m also obviously going to pass this news on to you lovely lot simply because I can. With this in mind, I think we need to take a little look at GAZZLERS, a new VR offering that will be coming to our virtual devices next year.

GAZZLERS is a rogulite VR shooter that will be making its appearance on the Quest and PC VR in 2022. Coming from the clever souls over at Banzai Studios, GAZZLERS will see players attempting to defend a Western-style steam locomotive against waves of charismatic and chaotic creatures.

As you attempt to save your train, The Motherlode, from the aggressive littleĀ Gazzlers, you can expect a pretty wild ride. Aside from a plethora of weapons, items, upgrades, and modifiers that you’ll be able to use to fend off your attackers you’ll be indulging in lots of roguelite fun. In the true vein of this genre, you can expect a different ride every time. With randomized events being thrown at you with each game, your mad-cap journey across the land of Ginkgo will never get stale.

On top of all the fun stuff, I’ve just mentioned GAZZLERS is offering cooperative play. If you don’t want to face the hordes of invading Gazzlers alone you’ll be able to go into battle with up to four of your mates. Fans that like to be rewarded in ways other than just the level of shared smugness you and your friends will get from doing well will also be pleased to note that cosmetic items can be unlocked by completing the title’s challenges. Always nice to get something a little more out of your game.

As I mentioned earlier, GAZZLERS will be launching onto Steam Early Acess next year. Other VR owners that really want to protect an armored train shouldn’t feel dismayed, though. Oculus and PS4 releases of this title are planned for 2023. If you want to do a bit of early research you can do this here.