GDC: Nintendo 3DS to get Netflix streaming, 3D movie trailers

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime unveiled today at GDC that the 3DS will receive 2D Netflix streaming, a partnership that “goes live this summer.” Users will be able to stop a Netflix movie on 3DS and resume on their HDTV, assuming of course they’re not into watching content in HD.

3D movie trailers are also on the way, all without the need for glasses. Fils-Aime promises that before Green Lantern launches in mid-June, 3DS owners will be watching 3D movie trailers on the device. This will position the 3DS as a “distribution vehicle to a large and motivated user base,” the exec claims.

Nintendo also plans to launch an exclusive “short-form” video service on the 3DS. This “curated” channel will include comedy, music videos, among other forms of moving pictures to be added later. Fils-Aime teased that 3D video recording will join 3D photo capture in the future.

Despite the focus on video content, Fils-Aime stressed, “The primary function of the Nintendo 3DS is to play games.” Make no mistake; the system exists to play games.”