Geekify your walls from down under

We try our best to keep you, our adoring throng, as informed as possible about all things in the realm of geek-dom. So far, we have given you ways to maintain your carefully crafted image while on the go and during those swanky dinner parties. Now we present something for when you get home and those Resident Evil figurines just are not enough to close the deal anymore.

An Austrailian based company has begun designing a line of wall decals aimed specifically at those of us who just cannot get enough of our hobby. The decals are applied in only three steps and can be removed without damage to the surface underneath, which is good news for those of you who are still living in your parent’s basement.

While all the images look interesting, of the designs available Ms. Pacman and Space Invaders look the most awesome to us. The company also has other styles of stickers that might be combined to create the ultimate geek cave. If anyone goes sticker crazy, we would love to see.