Get charged up with AfterCharge


Chainawesome Games’ multiplayer shooter AfterCharge is looking to put a unique spin on the team-based shooter genre.

In AfterCharge, players work in teams of three. Their goal is to either destroy the opposing team’s energy extractors, or defend their own. The energy extractors are scattered across the map. In AfterCharge there are five character classes to choose from per team, and they’re each equipped with their own unique abilities.

When playing as offense, the workonics, the defending team will be invincible. The player’s attacks wont kill, only push enemies aside. When playing as defense, the enforcers, players will be able to shoot and use abilities. Once the energy to attack has been fully depleted, they will have to recharge at either an extractor or a deployed charging station. Also, there is no automatic respawn. Instead reviving is an active practice. If a teammate falls it is up to the remaining players to revive them.

Aftercharge will be available January 10 for Windows PC and Xbox One for $19.99, with a Nintendo Switch release at a later date. There is no cross-platform play.