Get your kitty on sans cosplay with Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones

Anime and manga fans rejoice!  There is now a way to fuse your love of cat-eared characters with your interest in J-rock or K-pop sounds.  Axent Wear, an idea started by two UC Berkely alumni, presents a unique approach to headphones.  Axent Wear has approached wearable audio tech in a way that highlights the external as well as the internal.


The outside of Axent Wear headphones is eye-catching to say the least.  Bright LED accent lights encompass the headphones on the sides and on each of the fully-functional cat ears adorning the top.

How are these cat ears fully-functional?  Well this is another innovative step towards highlighting the external.  Each cat ear functions as an external speaker.  The potential for being a walking human rave party is endless.  There are also several colors available for Axent Wear customization.


If this piques your interest, you can head on over to indiegogo and support Axent Wear.  As of today, there are 29 days left to support Axent Wear.