Ghost Recon Predator and Rabbids Lab rated, inadvertantly announced

News to put a big smile on the face of Rain, TVGB’s Recon-loving Dark Lord. The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification have rated Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Predator for a multiplatform release.

Obviously, seeing as this is a sneaky ratings reveal (cheers D’toid), rather than an official announcement, nothing is known about the title. We can presume, however, that Predator is the new Ghost Recon bumped to fiscal 2010/11 by Ubisoft early this year. They referred to the game as Ghost Recon 4 then, but it doesn’t take Columbo to work out the connection.

In addition to this, another Ubisoft game was unnearthered in the ratings trawl. That game is Rabbids Lab, the latest in the rapidly multiplying Rabbids series. Yeah, Rain’s not quite so excited about that one either.