Goat of Duty announces roadmap to launch out of early access

Razer Games and 34BigThings’ premier first person goat-based shooter, Goat of Duty, is about to escape the clutches of Steam Early Access and get a full official release date. In a roadmap that outlines Goat of Duty’s path from now till the big launch date of January 16th, 2020, there are several important content updates on the way before then. 

In the first stop of the roadmap, October 11th, Goat of Duty will be given a new map and mode. The new mode, MarkhorTag, has one character control the Markhor goat while a team of others tries to hunt them down and kill them, thus making the killer the new Markhor. Just like a childhood game of tag, but with at least twice the number of goats and possibly thrice the amount of murder, depending on your childhood. 

Goat of Duty

This content update is also accompanied by a 40% discount through the weekend, October 12th-14th. The next stop on the roadmap comes on November 15th when the competitive update hits and adds leaderboards and private matches so you can be the best goat you can be. Then in the final stop before the full launch on December 20th, Goat of Duty brings some holiday cheer with the Christmas update adding in yet another mode and map. 

Goat of Duty

Behind the fancy content updates, the announcement of this roadmap will also bring several quality of life updates to the game. These will include some increased controller sensitivity options, better optimization of CPU performance, and smarter goat AI just to name a few. Goat of Duty is a fast-paced bleat filled adventure that is growing rapidly in anticipation of the full launch. If you want to get on the goat on goat action, the time is now, as after the full launch the price of the game will move up to $14.99.