Godlike Burger has murder on the menu

I remember a period of time in the mid-noughties when there was a serious number of cooking games on the market. These were either time management romps like the original Diner Dash or titles that actually saw you following a series of steps to come out with a rather edible-looking finished article. The majority of these were pretty good, then things went a bit quieter on the culinary front. We’ve had games like Overcooked since then but outside offerings in the realm of mobile, culinary adventure games seem to be a bit on the scarcer side. Rectifying this and adding a murderous twist comes Godlike Burger which will be hitting your PC screens come April 21st.

So, why is Godlike Burger murderous? I hear you ask. Well, there isn’t a nasty case of space salmonella running rampant in your restaurant that’s for sure. In this particular case, you’ll be cooking with your customers. No, they won’t be helping you in the kitchen. They might be re-stocking your fridge but they’ll be doing it in the most literal sense possible. Yes, you serve, “special meat,” in your burgers and this, of course, means serving your alien customers to your alien customers. I mean, it’s one way to cut down on the necessity to buy ingredients.

So, as I’ve just mentioned, in Godlike Burger you take the role of an eccentric chef who really values his customers. You will strive to create the most delicious and unusual burgers in the universe as you travel the galaxy in your flying space diner looking for inspiration.

To get the oh-so-important ingredients you seek you’ll have to kill off some of your patrons without getting caught. Your methods can range from something as subtle and sophisticated as a well-laid trap, or if you’re running a little bit low on time a ruddy big meat cleaver can get the job done just as easily.  All you have to do is make sure to clean up after yourself and avoid raising the suspicions of the other diners. They’re the ones paying your bills, after all. They also have a habit of doing bothersome things like calling the police and you wouldn’t want that now, would you?

By keeping your customers happy with their favorite burgers you’ll be able to afford to upgrade your diner, pay your bills and raise your reputation. The higher your rep, the more you can travel and, therefore, the more exotic your ingredients can become. Aside from the culinary aesthetics, you don’t want to go staying on one planet too long. The police in Godlike Burger aren’t going to take too kindly to a machete-wielding mass murderer regardless of how good their cookery skills are.

If this sounds like a bloody good time, (it does actually, expect to hear more about it in the coming week or so,) Godlike Burger will be hitting your screens via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store in just a few days time. If you have a dark sense of humor and a taste for something a little bit different, this time management murder-fest might be a really lethal addition to your collection.