Gods Will Be Watching: a minimalist attempt at survival simulation

The only thing that matches the simplicity of the premise of Gods Will Be Watching is the game’s minimalist presentation.

According to Kotaku, Gods Will Be Watching was created over the course of one weekend by GreyShock, a participant in the Ludum Dare 26 online game jam, to address the theme of “Minimalism”.

In this game, players are tasked with keeping their crew, which has crash-landed on a cold desolate planet, alive for 40 days. A unique aspect of the game, however, is that it takes place almost entirely on just one screen, as your character, Sgt. Burden, and his crew surround a campfire. You also have a maximum of 5 actions per day, so you’ll have to choose your actions wisely to make sure you and your crew stay alive until the rescue team arrives.

Gods Will Be Watching is a pretty fun point-and-click game that raises some interesting ideas regarding minimalism and simplicity in game design. Make no mistake though, the game is pretty challenging.

Play it right here.