GR: Future Soldier not a PC game — Ubisoft

“Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has not been announced on PC,” Ubisoft has said today. Except for the fact that it totally was, or was heavily implied at the very least.

When originally announced back in February of 2012, the formal word only covered the Xbox 360 version, while existence of the PS3 version was confirmed via Twitter, which is also how the PC version was acknowledged: “More PC details later,” community developer Kimi Matsuzaki promised at the time.

As EG points out, a dedicated forum for the PC version on the game’s official site also clearly shows the publisher had intentions to release a PC version. But oh well. It’s not the first time there’s confusion over the PC versions of the publisher’s games.

‘Replacing’ the PC version of the Clancy shooter will be the free-to-play Ghost Recon Online; “Ghost Recon Online is the PC equivalent” to Future Soldier is the publisher’s party line.

Future Soldier on consoles, after a number of slips, should arrive in March 2012.