GTA IV Shipping 6 Million In Its First Week..


..predicts super analyst Michael Pachter. Pachter’s magic ball also tells him that the game will bring in $450 million of Take-Two’s expected $1 billion publishing revenue this year. The good news for gamers, if the prediction turns out to be anywhere near the real number, is that if you didn’t pre-order the game, you shouldn’t have to worry about over-zealous game store employees *cough, cough…Game Crazy* telling you you can’t get the game. There should be enough for everybody to get their pillage and plundering of Liberty City on.

Pachter also weighed in on EA’s acquisition plans again, saying he expects a resolution before April 10, or perhaps even sooner: “We expect that in order to save face, Take-Two management will withdraw its demand that any discussions wait until after the launch of GTA IV, and we think that management will engage in discussions with EA.”

“We think that EA prefers to complete a friendly deal, and think that it is possible that Take-Two management can convince EA of the extent to which EA may have undervalued Take-Two shares, and believe that as a conciliatory gesture, EA management may be prepared to increase its likely USD 26 offer to somewhere close to USD 27,” Pachter said, adding that he thinks investors will jump at the offer.