GTFO: Spooky, fresh, challenging

True innovation is incredibly rare. One can have only so many original ideas, and most people will never even get the opportunity to properly execute their own.

The past decade of videogames have been an incredible wealth of fresh ideas and new innovations, from Shadow of Mordor‘s “Nemesis System” to Destiny‘s fresh blending of MMO style mechanics. GTFO is on that level.

GTFO is a new game from 10 Chambers Collective: a nine person operation, many of whom worked on Payday and its sequel. It’s a 4-player co-op first person shooter, with a truckload of horrible monsters that’ll scare the pants right off anyone who steps foot inside the game.

In the title, you and three friends will work together to move through a compound, kill enemies, and most importantly, survive. So what makes GTFO unique, you ask? The answer is simple.

The rundown

The rundown is the backbone of this game; understanding it is essential to knowing the game itself. The rundown is essentially your assigned set of missions: once you complete the first, you’ll be transported deeper into the compound for a new, more challenging mission, and then once you complete that, another new, more challenging mission awaits.

What makes it unique is it rotates. At various, predetermined times, the entire set of maps and missions will disappear, only to be replaced with a new set.

The entire game essentially gets taken down and replaced every time this happens. How often this happens will differ, but at the moment it seems like it could take anywhere from one week to two months.

Here’s a video from the developers explaining the rundown in further detail:

“Each work order in the Rundown represents an expedition into a different part of the Complex where the environment, the population of monsters, the objective, and other conditions can all be vastly different and offer diverse gaming experiences”, said Simon Viklund, member of 10 Chambers Collective and narrator of the explaining video.

GTFO is marketed towards people who like challenging themselves. The game takes no prisoners, so don’t expect a whole lot of forgiveness when you get deep down in the dirt with the monsters that will now haunt my nightmares for the next month.

The game will hopefully be released on Early Access later this year, but before that, the team will run an Early Access Beta test of the game that anyone is able to join by signing up as an Ambassador at

Once there, the developers are hoping to be able to flesh out the logistics of their concept a little more with some good ol’ fashioned consumer feedback.