Guardians, prepare for Lightfall!

The date was August 23, 2022. Guardians all around the world waited patiently for Bungie to air their Showcase, anticipating and questioning what they had in store for us all. We expected a new DLC, some game changes, and possibly a new exotic for us to grind out for weeks until we got the perfect roll of stats we all wanted. What we received, however, was more than what any of us could have hoped to imagine. Today we are going to delve into the world of Destiny 2 and explore just what Bungie has delivered to us, and believe me there is a lot of exciting news for us to cover.

We have to start with the big guns on Destiny 2 Lightfall, the next and concluding expansion in the Light & Darkness Saga of the Destiny 2 storyline. Our favorite purple and gold-loving Cabal emperor is returning with a vengeance. After becoming a disciple of The Witness, Calus and his Shadow Legion have overtaken Neptune’s capital city, which has managed to survive the collapse of the golden age and continued to thrive, becoming a beautiful labyrinth of towers and neon lights. We as guardians will take the fight to Calus and his minions, discover the hidden threads that tie us together and learn to weave them anew. The stage is set in Neomuna, a neon metropolis covered in high-rising skyscrapers, and neon-drenched streets. This beauty is, of course, marred by the shadow of death and war that is to come.

With this new adventure and campaign to immerse yourselves into, along comes a new subclass, namely The Strand. The darkness has more than just stasis to offer us, we just weren’t pulling on the right strands. Harnessing the power of The Strand by learning to tap into the invisible threads of reality that bind us together, weaving powerful attacks, and taking control of power in ways we have never seen before in Destiny 2. You may even learn to use this ability to scale your way around the city in ways never thought possible until now. These new abilities are certainly going to make treasure hunting a lot more fun!

Introduced in the Witch Queen DLC, Legendary mode is making a return for those players who want more of a challenge and enjoy the punishment of dying more times than they would like to admit. It’s worth all the pain though for those better rewards, setting you up for higher light activities. There are new legions of Cabal to face along with Tormentors, a new boss-like enemy introduced to make your life just a little bit harder. Quite fitting really as it’s probably going to throw us around like rag dolls.

The Destiny 2: Lightfall pre-orders are available to pick up now with three options to choose from. These are the Destiny 2: Lightfall Standard Edition,  Destiny 2: Lightfall Standard Edition & Annual Pass, and the Destiny 2: Lightfall Collectors Edition. You’ll be able to choose a package perfectly tailored to you and your needs.

Next up in our little rundown of Destiny 2 awesomeness, we have the new season that was announced for our loot-hungry guardians, or the Season of Plunder if you want to get technical about it. What is better than flying a spaceship to kill unknown invaders? Flying a space pirate ship to kill unknown pirate invaders, obviously! This is excellent because that is exactly what Bungie has delivered fresh with this season. Eramis, the Kell of Darkness, has escaped from her icy prison and is out for ravenous revenge. She plans to collect a crew of outlaws and bandits to scour the galaxy for dark relics and finish what she started. Our guardians, in order to foil her plot, must recruit crews of their own in brand new activities full of high adventure and claim the treasure just waiting for their overflowing vaults. Harness the power of the reworked Arc 3.0 Subclass to give you a new and exciting edge against your foes. Time to get those treasure maps ready, while swashbuckling your way into pirate lord’s hideouts. Who knows, you might find a relic or two you might want to keep.


Last, but not least, we had the announcement of the Kings Fall raid returning to Destiny 2. The raid was originally part of the original Destiny expansion, The Taken King, which takes place on the Dreadnaught, where players will face the all-mighty Oryx himself. With the launch on the 26th of August, players set out to make the world’s first completions and to see who could get their hands on the best loot the first time around. For those who completed this nostalgic raid (like myself), the nostalgia is truly something worth experiencing.

If you happen to have missed all of the Destiny 2 antics in the past week, you should now have a very good idea of what to expect. Players joining the fight for the first time and seasoned veterans are going to have one hell of a fight ahead of them. If you’re a fan of the series there’s absolutely no better time than now to grab those guns and get blasting.