GUNPIG flies into view next month

There aren’t enough gun-toting pigs in videogames!” Said nobody ever. There does, however, seem to be a bit of a penchant with developers taking farmyard critters and making them lethal. This is very much the case with GUNPIG, a new arcade title due to land on the Switch come December 3rd.

In this twin-stick shooter, you’ll be placing a cute pig behind the stick of a spacecraft and using reflexes and speed to survive. Your journey will take you through eight increasingly difficult stages and see you blasting waves of enemies in fast -pasted action. Eight might not sound like many, right? Well in GUNPIG, when every alien and his dog is attempting to blast you to bits you may well find yourself spending more time as pork rinds than succeeding, so that might do just fine.

Aside from the levels I’ve just mentioned, a good arcade-action game would be a bit lacking without those extras all of us bullet-hell fans crave. There will obviously be bonus levels to give your game that little bit of extra oomph. If you’re like me and just can’t get enough of those collectibles that you can keep and revel in when you’re not killing things, you’re in luck, too. In this particular case, there are hidden “box art,” collectibles scattered throughout the levels and illustrated by GUNPIG‘s individual artists.

So what kind of firepower are you being given to fill your arsenal? GUNPIG has nine different weapons, a good solid amount for any arcade game, and three special weapons; namely, a droppable mine, acid barrier, and area blast. GUNPIG also uses a quick swap, “Gun Mod” system, which enables you to switch out your firepower on the fly.

GUNPIG looks like a good bit of colorful fun and is an absolute bargain at a mere $4.99. If you’re looking for something new and fun with which to while away your time it’ll be over on the Nintendo eShop at the beginning of next month. This game is also getting a Steam release for any computer owning fans out there wanting to give it a go.