Half of all adults are gamers, the other half live in caves

Are you an adult? If so then you have a 50/50 chance of being a gamer according to a new study that was put out by MarketResearch called “Packaged Facts.” The study, the name of which sounds a little suspect, concludes that roughly 114 million American adults play videogames and that these videogame playing people are the exact opposite of the traditional gamer stereotype. Where many people picture a fat, poorly dressed slob playing videogames it turns out most gamers are the opposite.

The report not only shows that female gamers are growing in a large rate, but also that “videogamers are far from being slackers who do nothing but sit for hours on end in front of a gaming console or computer screen. In fact, videogamers are exceptionally active consumers. They work out more, go out more and shop more than adult Americans who don’t play video games.” Way to go us. Of course these stats most likely include the plethora of new gamers the Wii and DS has brought in. This means that those numbers could be totally wrong depending on your definition of what a gamer is. Still nice to see we get out of the house every once in a while.