Halo 4 info teased for August

343 Industries will be dishing out new information about Halo 4 in about a month’s time, the studio’s revealed.

The bit was dropped in a ‘making of’ video for Halo: Anniversary (catch it below, via); “At PAX this August, we have Halofest, where you’ll hear more about Halo 4,” teased 343 Industries studio head Bonnie Ross.

Hands-on play with Anniversary at the event was also promised, “both campaign and multiplayer.”

What said Halo 4 info relates to though is anyone’s guess at this point.

Halo Anniversary will be doing its own Halo 4 information drops, too; the remake will include a few bits and bobs on the future trilogy.

PAX takes place in late August, from the 26th-28th.