Halo Kinect project under way?

According to Whois records, Microsoft has registered the domain kinecthalo.com, fueling the rumors that a release of a motion-controlled Halo game would be in the company’s future plans. Since Bungie’s departure from the franchise, its current developer, 343 Industries, has been reported working on a “new high-profile Halo experience” and a possible HD remake of Halo: Combat Evolved.

While Kinect has been a massive success since launch, and Halo being… well, Halo, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft would do something like this, especially after the news of Gears of War: Exile, which is yet another high-profiled franchise within Microsoft’s realm rumored to get the Kinect treatment. The question is, how will they fare if released? Is the tech mature enough to handle these franchises?