Halo themed wedding less silly, more classy than expected

You know, I was expecting to walk away from this video of Desirai Labrada and John Henry’s Halo-themed wedding brimming with scathing, sarcastic comments, but the only thing welling up now are tears at the sweetness, and dare I say, classiness of this game-centric ceremony.

The couple that met and fell in love playing Halo were joined together as “teammates for life” by Master Chief himself at Orlando’s Otronicon. The wedding was held inside a recreation of the “Ivory Tower” map from the game. The bride, her custom Halo emblem embroidered on her sleeves to complement her groom’s emblem printed on his tie, entered to the sweet strains of Halo 3’s menu music.

Microsoft even got swept up in the geeky romance of it all, sending the couple a box full of Halo-themed swag. Noticeably absent, a working warthog replica, but you take what you can get, right? More details can be found at the couple’s website, “A Match Made in Halo.”