H.A.W.X. enhanced reality system in acrobatic action

[bliptv gctb6YsDjt1s]

Excitement is in the air, both literally and figuratively, thanks to H.A.W.X., Ubisoft’s upcoming Tom Clancy-approved air combat simulator. This latest trailer showcases the Enhanced Reality System (ERS), which at the touch of a button provides the best hologram-generated guidance this side of Cortana, showing you the fastest, easiest route to targeting an acrobatic enemy or evading an incoming missile.

In addition to the weapons trajectory control, ERS also offers anti-crash and a damage control systems to help dogfighting novices play with the pros, though more seasoned veterans might view it as an advanced interactive autopilot. Thankfully, the training wheels come off easy. Deactivating the ERS on the fly provides more control of the aircraft, allowing you to pull off some truly impressive gravity-defying maneuvers, at the risk of stalling and plunging to your doom.

Should you think twice about taking your life into your hands, the computer-assisted safeguards can just as easily be reactivated. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you – I for one never plan to turn the damn thing off, because if movies have taught me anything, it’s never to toy with the feelings of sentient computers.