Height Slider Sims 4: 10+ Mods to Manually Adjust Your Sim

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

The Sims 4 game allows you to customize some of the physical features when you create a new Sim in Create-A-Sim (CAS). However, the features available in the base game are limited.

Want to make the best Sims? Gain control over the details of your Sim’s physical characteristics, such as height, by downloading your favorite height slider mods.

Sims 4 height slider mods allow players to manually adjust a Sim’s height in CAS in order to offer as many realistic customizable options as possible.

In this guide, we explain Sims 4 height slider mods and how to use them.

How to Use the Height Slider Mod in Sims 4

After you download the appropriate mod to the mods folder, relaunch Sims 4 and open Create a Sim (CAS).

Regular Sims 4 players know that CAS is where you create new Sims. In CAS, you have the ability to personalize each Sim’s physical features. With your new mods, you’ll be able to use height sliders to customize your Sims in even more detail.

There are numerous mods that impact different aspects of a Sim’s body. Some affect overall height. Others impact specific areas of the Sim’s body. Additionally, some mods impact the placement of facial features.

You’ll know you can adjust a particular body part or facial feature when the feature turns pink and you see the white slider next to your pointer, indicating that you can hold and slide.

When you interact with an adjustable part of the Sim’s body, you’ll be able to hold and manually alter the height or girth of that particular body part.

You’ll notice that the mods not only add new possibilities when designing Sims but that it also makes it easier to design the Sims, meaning more time actually playing.

Note – In some unique cases, Sim heights can affect gameplay. Choose your Sim’s appearance carefully, especially when wearing custom content clothing and performing certain animations.

Tips For Using the Height Slider Mods

Follow these tips to ensure that you get the best results out of your height slider mods.

  • You may need to download additional versions of a particular mod for toddlers, children, and teens. Shorter teens and kids make them look younger.
  • Use height slider mods to adjust a Sim’s height in order to fit certain custom content. For example, elaborate, strappy shoes may show better on long legs.
  • Tall Sims should have matching feet to make them look proportionate.
  • Use height and facial features to enhance gameplay. For example, the family patriarch may be large compared to the other sims in the house to make the character stand out.
  • Download from active creators who constantly update their mods and release new custom content. Don’t forget to thank them when you download a new mod!

Sims 4 Body Height Slider Mods

Height Slider Mod Sims 4: Body Height Slider

The most popular height slider mod used by players is the body height slider mod.

This mod allows you to easily make the Sim taller or shorter by holding on to the Sim near the neck and scrolling through different heights until you reach the desired height for the Sim.

Many mods give you the option to set your Sim’s height into one of the various presets available to you. Other mods will require you to download a separate mod to create presets.

Sims 4 Height Slider: Shoulder/Chest Height Slider

Depending on the mods you download, you can adjust each Sim’s shoulders both in height and girth.

Height Slider Sims 4: Neck Height Slider

Do you want your Sim’s neck to be long like a giraffe, or do you want them to have a more compact shape? Grab onto your Sim’s neck to adjust the length using the neck height slider.

Some mods will impact the neck’s length, while others may impact the neck’s girth.

Sims 4 Height Slider Mod: Leg Height Slider

Leg height slider mods allow you to extend or broaden a Sim’s legs. You have the choice to make your Sim’s legs match the rest of your Sim’s body or make the character look disproportionate.

Manually Adjust Chest n Sims 4

Male and female Sims can find body mods that allow players to adjust their chest and hips. These mods allow players to move pectorals higher or lower on the body. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to make the chest large or petite.

Sims 4 Slider Mods for the Face

Lip Height Slider

Where do you want to place your Sim’s lips? You can place the lips up near the nose or down by the chin.

You can also adjust the poutines of your lips. Do you prefer them tight and pursed or long and full?

Nose Height Slider

The normal height of a Sim’s nose sits somewhere in the middle of the face. With the nose height slider mod, you can move the nose up or down on the face, depending on your preferences.

Adjusting Sims Eyes Using Sliders

Do you want to give your Sim close eyes or eyes on each side of their head? Do you prefer large anime eyes or smaller, less expressive eyes?

The Sims eyes mod will give you the freedom to create the eyes you always wanted to see on your Sim.

Ears Height Slider

One of the more amusing mods allows you to adjust your Sim’s ears.

Click on the ears then adjust as necessary. Be warned that the large ears can be quite telling, though.

Large ears on a Sim

Sims 4 Pet Height Slider Mod

Sims 4 players who have the Cats and Dogs expansion pack can download the Sims 4 pet height slider to adjust the height of their pet. Both cats and dogs can become small medium tall, depending on your preferences.

It can be fun to make a traditionally small breed large or a traditionally large breed miniature.

Sims 4 Height Presets

Who has the time to make Sims taller or shorter every time they enter CAS?

Luckily, several Sims 4 users went through the trouble of finding some of the best physical settings for you and made them available as additional mods.

In the Sims 4 base game, there are a number of height body presets in CAS. You can access them by hitting on the body tab.

Download additional height body presets to save time creating the perfect Sims from nothing.


One of the best things about the Sims 4 is the ability to customize each Sim’s appearance. While the base game offers limited customization, slider mods give you additional options that target a Sim’s overall height or specific parts of their body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Adjust Height in the Sims 4 Game?


You absolutely can adjust height in the Sims 4 game when you install mods.

The most popular mod allows players to manually adjust through different heights using a simple click and drag slider.

Other CAS body adjustment sliders include:

  • Shoulder height slider
  • Hip height slider
  • Neck slider

What Is the Cheat For Height in Sims 4?

Players also have the option to adjust the height of a Sim using the cheat StretchSkeleton value.

With cheats enabled, type the cheat into the command line, replacing “value” with various heights.

Ex: StretchSkeleton10

This cheat is ideal for increasing or decreasing a Sim’s height during gameplay as a temporary solution until you can create the perfect Sim height in CAS.

Who Makes Height Mods for the Sims 4?

There are a number of websites where you can find reliable height mods for the Sims 4, such as Redhead Sims.

You can also choose to search for mods from your favorite users. One popular user regarding height mods is Obscurus Sims. You can find their downloads on their Tumblr page.