Hell of an Office enflames Steam

Gamers are an odd lot. This isn’t a completely sweeping statement by the way. You have to remember I’m one of you, and although I prefer eccentric I very much fall into that bracket too. Sometimes it feels like there will never be enough of a challenge presented by what we have; to the point that we need to make even the hardest games harder. Some of you might call this bragging rights. I would call this unhinged. As If Dark Souls isn’t hard enough as it is, you need to complete it blindfolded with your character being virtually naked and wielding only a stick. Alternatively, why would you possibly want to get the most out of a game when you can speed run the entire thing in under an hour, if that isn’t hard enough just make sure you don’t get hit by anything for good measure. If you’re feeling attacked, you clearly know exactly who you are. You might also want to get to grips with Hell of an Office, the game we’ll be discussing today.

Hell of an Office is a speed runner’s dream and has been lovingly crafted by the absolute sadists over at 43 Studios. If you want to get involved in the infernal antics presented by this game, it entered Steam Early Access yesterday. I can almost guarantee you’ll have a hell of a time.

There’s gotta be plenty of workplaces out there that can be described as toxic, right? Hell of an Office takes this idea and absolutely runs with it. I don’t think there’s going to be too much worse than having the actual devil as your boss. He’s the CEO in this one, and as such, you can expect things to get downright infernal. Do you think getting out of work can be hard some days? Well escaping from the office here is a very literal thing that blows all that out of the water.

In Hell of an Office, you’ll have to storm into 40 office-based levels as you journey through the ten layers of hell. You won’t be able to dawdle as an ever-rising pit of lava surrounded by walls of flammable paper puts the “dead” in deadline. This, of course, wouldn’t be much of a challenge on its own now, would it? Let’s throw spikes, laser beams, and buzz saws into the mix to give you a proper workout. If you want to get off work with all of your extremities intact you’ll need to be on your toes.

To get out of the obstacle-filled deathtrap that is the office, you’ll need to rocket-jump, air dash, and fire flaming staples. You’ll navigate the HellO Corporation’s floors with the aid of an ability-granting magic stapler that’s been given to you by Mr. Stapley, the office mascot. Well, you deserve some small way of making your day slightly less killer. Now all you’ll need to do is not get incinerated, dissected, or impaled. All in a day’s work, right?

If you really love making life difficult on yourself you can head over to Steam now and get your mitts on the Early Access release of this devilish little speed runner. The masochists out there should find Hell of an Office the perfect fit for their brand of insanity. The rest of us might have a lot of fun here too but this game is likely to be punishing at best, and lethal at worst. As a last little point; should you find yourself going through hell, never let it be known that you weren’t warned in advance.