Hellboy gets Wyrd

When we think of comic books and comic book creations the properties of DC and Marvel are likely the first to jump to mind. These are the characters we probably see most when it comes to mediums outside comic books, (games included,) so this can be completely forgiven. What gets forgotten, though, is that there are lots of other comic publishers out there and each has its own roster of characters for us to fall in love with. One very notable example of this is Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. Now, if you already know who Hellboy is, good for you, I’m teaching my granny to suck eggs. If this isn’t the case and you’re a fan of the world of comics and graphic novels you’re missing out on a treat. You can also meet him via your PC and console screens in today’s game. Hellboy Web of Wyrd is now available and it looks a bit gorgeous.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd is Upstream Arcade’s visually stunning adaptation of the Hellboy universe and will be taking you and a certain half-demon hero straight into the depths of the Wyrd. You’ll be able to find this new adventure set to go on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and 5, Xbox One, and, of course, Series S/X. It’ll be coming to you at £20.99 if you happen to be one of my fellow UK-living folk, with an introductory offer until November 1st bringing the price down to £16.79 if you get your skates on.

In Hellboy Web of Wyrd, players will be placed into the shoes of Big Red himself, (voiced by Lance Reddick,) as he is sent to the strange realm of the Wyrd. Hellboy is set on the hunt after an agent for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence, (B.R.P.D) goes missing while investigating the Butterfly House. Psychic spikes are discovered across the globe and only the world’s foremost cambion hunter of the supernatural will be fit for the job.

With an art style faithful to the comic series originally developed by Mike Mignola, players are enveloped in a modern videogame adaptation that sends Hellboy brawling across the dimension known as the Wyrd. Here, he must track down his missing colleague while battling the ferocious denizens of this plane with devastating chains of melee and ranged attacks. As you go you’ll build Hellboy‘s power into something that rivals the fiercest warriors of hell.

As I mentioned earlier this could be a great way to make your first acquaintance with Big Red. If you’re a fan like me you should already feel very comfortable in the shoes you’re going to be stepping into. Either way, Hellboy Web of Wyrd looks like a really fun adventure to throw yourself into, and you can do that on your given system right now.