Hey look, another Wii golf game!

The motion controls for the Wii have made sports games more popular for a Nintendo system than ever. Surprisingly there have been quite a few golf games as well – besides Wii Sports’ golf there is Super Swing Golf, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, We Love Golf and King of Clubs just to name a few. Now, Data Design Interactive is trying to cash in by adding Crazy Mini Golf to its Wii label Popcorn Arcade, Kidz Sports.

Crazy Mini Golf will have 74 holes in 4 wacky courses to play through and features different game modes including Single Hole, Championship Challenge and the Crazy Golf Tour.

Gameplay will take full advantage of the Wii’s motion controls with two different play modes. Beginners can press the A button when the shot is lined up, then swing their arm golf style and press B just before hitting the ball. For real mini golf fans, there is the sim mode where how you hit the ball and how hard you hit the ball is fully motion controlled.

Wii Sports’ golf is still a great party game and for those that love mini golf, this could be a refreshing game change. Popcorn Arcade is listing this one under “value priced” but there hasn’t been a release date given quite yet.