Highrisers invites you to survive the nightmare on Steam

Is anyone sick of zombies yet? The “survive the zombie apocalypse,” trope was definitely fun, to begin with, but it’s starting to feel like an easy get-out for dev teams that are struggling with creativity. These games are generally in the first person, usually, survival games or shooters, (or both;) and I’m so over them it’s ridiculous. Even seeing the world, “survival,” is starting to give me hives. Cue the audible eye roll when I saw that a new survival RPG had been released. I’m glad I actually read up on this one though because it’s laughing in the face of my cynicism. This is also, obviously why I wanted to tell you all about Highrisers, which appeared a few days ago on Steam.

As I’ve just mentioned Highrisers is an urban survival RPG. Unlike what is starting to feel like virtually every other game in the genre there isn’t a zombie in sight. In this title, you’ll be taking the roles of four survivers that are camped out on the top floor of a highrise, (hence the name.) If they are going to get out of the rather sticky predicament they’re in alive they’re going to have to descend to the lower floors of the building for crafting resources and supplies and this is where things could potentially get messy.

Highrisers is set in an apocalyptic cityscape where the streets are filled with swarms of Dreamers; humans that are afflicted with a mysterious prion disease that has left them trapped in an eternal dream. The last remains of humanity have staked themselves out on the top floors of high-rise buildings to escape the swarms of hungry sleepwalkers. As I’ve just mentioned they regularly have to descend to the more dangerous lower levels to gather supplies but more importantly, in your particular case, obtain parts for a helicopter that might be the only safe way to escape.

You’ll be taking the role of four survivors with their own unique skill sets. Whether it be Jen with her proclivity for tech or the mechanic Ike with his handy ability to repair machines, each character offers a very different personality, a deep skill tree, and their own approach to survival.

Highrisers isn’t going to be a walk in the park. The Dreamers are not to be trifled with and you’ll need your wits about you if you’re going to be able to get onto that helicopter and get yourselves out of dodge. While you’re scavenging for food, weapon parts, and other vital supplies you’ll also be crafting ways of killing and slowing down the locals. Everything you need to complete your task is ripe for the taking, you’ll just need a touch of ingenuity and a bit of luck. Don’t expect a particularly even learning curve in Highrisers either. Each building is procedurally generated so if you think you’ve gotten the hang of things on one game, definitely don’t expect an easier run on your next.

Highrisers released on Steam July 15th and is currently sitting with a rather enticing 15% discount. This isn’t an expensive game to begin with, (£10.99,) but the current £9.34 this title is sitting at isn’t to be sniffed at. This definitely looks like it might be a breath of fresh air for survival fans wanting to find ways of continuing to breathe without the irritating interference of zombies.