Hitman co-op “never felt right” — IO

Adding cooperative play to the Hitman series is something developer IO Interactive has discussed internally, Hitman: Absolution game director Tore Blystad has said, but it was never something the studio could quite figure out. “It never felt right,” he says.

“Agent 47 is a loner and we have never found a way to give him a partner, because to be honest, he doesn’t need one,” Blystad told OXM in an interview.

Sounds like he’s discussing campaign co-op then, not a dedicated co-op mode.

He continues: “Every NPC in the game has some part in the world and they all contribute with little stories of their own. The AI is far more advanced than ever before and all their behaviours are linked up with the music system so that we can dynamically create a score that fits the particular style of any player.”

What we’ve seen of the game so far, and based on previous games, letting two assassins loose in the single-player campaign would do the game no favors indeed. But perhaps a Splinter Cell-like approach — where the co-op campaign follows a different storyline and has different playable characters — could be worth the effort?