Hitman movie sequel in the works

Anyone remember the amazingly awesome Hitman movie from 2007, the one that could quite possibly be the greatest videogame movie ever? If you answered yes, then we have good news – your hair is made of chocolate pudding and the unicorns say hello from Atlantis. For those of us who actually paid attention to the movie, we know that it was just another addition to the heap of bad videogame movie adaptations. With a Metacritic score of 35 and reviews with quotes like, “Seeing Hitman isn’t like playing a video game or even like watching someone else play a video game. It’s like watching someone stupid play a bad video game,” you would think studios would try something else; you would be wrong.

Agent 47 is on his way back to the silverscreen thanks to 20th Century Fox. Reports have surfaced that the company has hired Kyle Ward to write the script for the sequel, which provides us with some glimmer of hope of non-suckosity. Ward is a fresh face in the business but has already penned the script for the upcoming Kane and Lynch movie with Bruce Willis, so maybe he knows how to not destroy our dreams of a decent Hitman movie.

No release date was given, as the script is just beginning, but the new Hitman game should be expected to take Agent 47 in a “different direction” in 2010.