Hokko Life offers PC gamers an Animal Crossing experience this summer

Wonderscope Games and publisher Team17 have just announced their latest title, Hokko Life, a charmingly cartoonish life sim offering a high level of customization. Players can acclimate their customized character to the cutesy town of Hokko, where their neighbors are a variety of anthropomorphic animals that offer them tasks, rewards, and, of course, friendship. In addition to befriending the local fauna, players can also customize seemingly every minute detail of the town, down to the size and color of their couch cushions.


To say that Hokko Life is taking some inspiration from Nintendo’s hit franchise Animal Crossing would be more than an understatement. The entire gameplay loop is very similar and just watching the announcement trailer just makes the comparisons flow with each frame. In Hokko Life you can catch fish and bugs, customize your town and home, meet and befriend animal neighbors, share designs with friends, and so on. Everything we’ve seen in the Nintendo flagship franchise, but can you ever really have enough life simulators featuring cute animal neighbors? 

Hokko Life bar

Of course, there are 2 main points of separation Hokko Life makes from its Nintendo contemporary. The first being that it is available to a much larger audience on PC instead of just Switch. This is a tactic we’ve seen before with games like Nexomon, other developers take inspiration from the Nintendo formulae and provide their own spin on the idea to a wider audience that may have not gotten to experience the game due to console exclusivity. 

The second thing Hokko Life  does to separate itself is implementing its incredibly detailed customization features. Just in the announcement trailer you can see very detailed customization like painting just certain parts of furniture and rotating pieces to any degree that suits you, two things that are notoriously absent from the Nintendo franchise. The increased focus on customization does wonders to set Hokko Life apart and give it its own flair.

Hokko Life is available to wishlist on Steam now, announcements on the future of the game can be followed at the official Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.