Homefront developers fear studio closure

Kaos Studios, the New York City-based developer of the upcoming shooter Homefront fear that the studio will close and they’ll be forced to move to Montreal.

According to a source speaking with Develop, “some or all of the team will be moving to a studio space in Canada.”

“As you can imagine all of these questions weigh heavily on our minds, and even more so for those with kids in school, houses, family, spouses with jobs in the area, etcetera,” added the unnamed studio source.

“After crunch time is over who wants to be told they have to move to another country or they have been laid off?”

It would indeed be a major bummer for Kaos employees (and their families) to be forced to head north to Canada. However, the tax relief possibilities in Montreal are just too appealing, from a business standpoint, for THQ to pass off it seems.

Kaos general manager David Votypka understands this line of reasoning.

“Seeing as New York is not the most inexpensive location to develop games, utilising Montreal one way or another is understandable,” Votypka said.

Homefront is due out in North America on March 8. It’ll release in Europe on March 11.