How Many Blocks Are In Minecraft (The True Count!)

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This post was last updated on June 1, 2023

While original Minecraft started with a humble 30 blocks in the first version, you can now find over 820 different blocks in the Minecraft world today.

That said, each version of the game has a totally unique amount of blocks, based on how many have been added. The exact counts for Java, Bedrock, and other editions are all slightly different.

There are 50 items with the word “block” in their name, although we wouldn’t say this is anywhere close to the total number of placeable items in the game, which is around 800 depending on the version you are using.

Read on to find out the exact count…and yes, we counted them all manually!

How Many Blocks are in Minecraft?

Small Selection of Blocks in Minecraft

The short answer is that there are 830 blocks in the game but this isn’t the only answer because the question isn’t as straightforward as it might seem, yep, we really counted them all.

The total number of blocks in Minecraft is different depending on the version of the game you play – we’ll explain this later in the article.

Measuring this number is quite hard, and often contested, because there are several variations of the same block design.

But typically the count is based on the number of unique blocks, including the variations.

When looking at other sources, it’s clear that most websites are just making estimates – nobody has given a definitive answer, as it’s quite hard to count the exact number of blocks in the game – and it also takes a lot of patience…

This total number of blocks also changes with every game update, as the developers continuously add new blocks to the game.

What Exactly are Blocks?

Before getting into the count, it might be worth first defining, what exactly a block is in Minecraft.

Blocks are one of the core elements of the game, without blocks, there would be no Minecraft, whether you are playing in creative mode or survival mode, you have access to the same types of blocks for the most part, although not always because some items you can only access in creative mode.

A block is a placeable item in Minecraft.

Although, would it be fair to call all placeable items blocks? For example, are brewing stands blocks, or are minecart rails truly blocks? What about glass panes? As they are not truly a block.

Creative Menu Switches From Blocks to Items

Clearly, items and tools aren’t blocks, like pickaxes, pork chops, and other random, non-placeable items. Although there are many items that are somewhere in between the two, for example, torches, buttons, and levers. These aren’t as clearly ‘blocks’ as certain items like cobblestone or wooden blocks.

In this count, we will be counting any placeable item as a block. This includes random things like the previously mentioned.

Functional Blocks, Which Aren't as Conventional as Standard Blocks

We think this is fair because minecraft is a game about creating worlds with blocks. And any of the blocks (or items) that you can place, are part of this creative pallet. So we think it’s fair to say that anything can be placed, and is part of the fabric of Miencraft’s blocky world – even if they aren’t strictly block-shaped.

Also, sometimes one foundational block type will have a bunch of variations, for example, logs and wood could come as stripped logs, spruce, birch, dark oak, or any other wood type variation. so you can quickly see how this count can get very large.

Wood Blocks and Wood Plank variations

There are also many unique building blocks with variations, for example, wooden planks can be crafted into stairs, fences, and other different types.

How Many Blocks in Java Edition Minecraft?

Yes, we just counted every peaceable block in Jave Edition in Minecraft, and the total is 830. This includes every variation of blocks, for example, all the different colored versions of glass, sculpted blocks, and all 30 picture types. This is more than just the types of full blocks and includes all the subcategories.

In total, there are 1404 items including all the tools and other non-placeable items.

Note that a lot of these items cannot be obtained naturally – this count was in the creative inventory.

How Many Blocks in Bedrock Edition Minecraft?

In the Bedrock edition of the game, there are 790 peaceable blocks, with the total number of items coming in at 1345.

Just a few of the Stone Block Variations

Block Categories and Types

While there are thousands of items (including blocks) in minecraft, there is a distinct difference between blocks and other items.

Block Categories

There are several block categories in Minecraft.

  • Building blocks
  • Decoration blocks
  • Redstone block types
  • Transportation blocks

Block Types

We won’t go into the full list of each type of block here (although check out our other guide) but, here are some of the fundamental types if blocks.

  • Wood blocks
  • Stone blocks
  • Dirt blocks
  • Sand
  • Organic
  • Nether
  • Ores
  • Metals
  • Utility blocks
  • Non-organic (eg glass)
  • Other blocks

Most of these types each have a huge range of subcategories and variations; this list doesn’t include all the other items and tools in the game.

Closing Thoughts

Wowzers, that was a lot of counting, at least now, we can finally agree on the total number of blocks in the game – until the next update…

The number of blocks in Minecraft has grown exponentially since the start of the game and that sweet blocky total is always expanding. With every new update, a bunch of new blocks of various types are added to the game for you to place around like the blockhead you are. This is one reason why we love Minecraft, there is always new game material to experiment with and create with.


How Many Blocks are There in Minecraft 2023?

As of v1.19.4, there are 830 blocks in Minecraft, with a total of 1404 items. The block count only includes items that can be placed in the world, from humble dirt blocks to complex machines and redstone components. The total item count includes all the placeable blocks and all other items. This is essentially the total number of items that can be found in the creative menu.

How Many Blocks is Max in Minecraft?

The max number of blocks in Minecraft depends on what max you are counting. In a stack (one item slot) you can hold up to 64 blocks. The total number of blocks you can hold in your inventory is 2304 – which would be a stack of 64 in each of the 36 inventory slots.

As for the total number of blocks in a minecraft world, the number is unlimited, because the world is procedurally generated although, the maximum number of blocks that will be simulated or can be seen at one time is 65536, due to the world height, and simulation limits.