How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft: An Easy Guide to All Colors

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This post was last updated on June 1, 2023

Terracotta is a cool decorative block in Minecraft that can be dyed in a range of colors and even glazed for a different texture – these terracotta blocks have a clean and consistent appearance, which is great for creative building designs. Thanks to the wide range of colors available, these are ideal for making Minecraft pixel art or other cool projects.

This guide will show you how to make terracotta in minecraft, and all of the color and glaze variations.

How to Get Terracotta in Minecraft

A Badlands Biome

There are two ways to get terracotta in Minecraft. You can either craft it or find it occurring naturally in badlands biomes.

Finding a badlands biome will be the best way to obtain large quantities of terracotta, as most of the surface blocks are this material -however, you will only be able to find brown, light gray, yellow, white, and red terracotta blocks in these environments.

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

Smelting Terracotta in Minecraft

Terracotta is a pretty easy block to make. All you need are clay blocks and a furnace – and some dye if you want to make different colors.

To make terracotta, simply smelt a block of clay in a furnace – place the clay block in the top box of the furnace GUI, and some kind of fuel source in the bottom slot. It should take 5 seconds to cook -cooking one block of clay will give you one block of terracotta.

To get a block of clay, you need to combine four clay balls. You can get clay balls by digging blocks of clay, which are found in lush cave biomes, or underneath shallow bodies of water.

Clay blocks

Alternatively, if you use a silk touch tool, then you can directly mine the clay blocks.

After you’ve made 8 blocks of uncolored terracotta, you can combine them with dyes to make colored terracotta blocks.

How to Make Colored Terracotta in Minecraft

All 16 Colored Terracotta Block Variations in Minecraft

There are 16 different color variations of terracotta based on the different dye colors available in Minecraft. Colored terracotta is also sometimes called stained terracotta – the following sections tell you what dyes you need to make the terracotta color variations, and where you can find the dyes.

To create these color variations, you simply need to place the dye in the middle slot of a crafting table and surround it with eight blocks of terracotta. This will give you 8 pieces of colored terracotta matching the dye color you used.

Note, that after a piece of terracotta has been colored there is no way to change or undo the coloration, you will have to keep it as the color you dye it.

The basic pattern for any of the following colors is 8 blocks of terracotta surrounding the dye.

Making Pink Terracotta

How to Make White Terracotta in Minecraft

White terracotta is made with white dye, which comes from bonemeal or lily of the valley.

How to Make Orange Terracotta in Minecraft

Orange terracotta uses orange dye, which is made from orange tulips, or Torchflowers. Alternatively, you can mix red and yellow dyes in a crafting table.

How to Make Magenta Terracotta in Minecraft

Magenta terracotta is made using magenta dye, which is made from allium or lilac flowers. Or, you can combine purple and pink dye.

How to Make Light Blue Terracotta in Minecraft

Light blue terracotta uses light blue dye, which is crafted from blue orchids, or by combining blue and white dye.

How to Make Yellow Terracotta in Minecraft

Yellow terracotta is dyed by yellow dye, which is made from dandelion or sunflower.

How to Make Lime Terracotta in Minecraft

Lime terracotta is made using lime dye, which you can make by combining green and white dyes.

How to Make Pink Terracotta in Minecraft

Pink terracotta is made from pink dye, which can be crafted from pink tulips, peonies, pink petals, or combining red and white dye.

How to Make Gray Terracotta in Minecraft

Gray terracotta uses gray dye, which is made by combining black and white dye.

How to Make Cyan Terracotta in Minecraft

To make cyan terracotta, you need cyan dye, which you can craft from a pitcher plant.

How to Make Purple Terracotta in Minecraft

Purple terracotta uses purp[le dye, which is made by combining blue and red dye.

How to Make Blue Terracotta in Minecraft

Regular blue terracotta is dyed with blue dye and is crafted from lapis lazuli or cornflower.

How to Make Green Terracotta in Minecraft

You can make green terracotta by dyeing it with green dye, which is made by smelting a cactus in a furnace.

How to Make Red Terracotta in Minecraft

Red terracotta is made with red dye, which you can create from poppies, red tulips, rose bushes, or beetroot.

How to Make Black Terracotta in Minecraft

Black terracotta needs black dye, which is made from a squid’s ink sac, or a wither rose.

How to Make Glazed Terracotta

Glazed Terracotta in Minecraft

Glazed terracotta is a sweet-looking evolution of the plain old standard terracotta. The glazed variety uses different textures which are a tasty way to spice up your Minecraft builds.

To make glazed terracotta you simply need to put a piece of normal terracotta into a furnace and smelt it for 5 seconds. Cooking one piece of terracotta will bag you one piece of glazed terracotta.

Uses for Terracotta in Minecraft

Besides being used as decoration material, Terracotta has three other uses in Minecraft:

  1. Making a glazed terracotta block by smelting regular terracotta in a furnace
  2. Producing a bass drum sound by placing it underneath a note block
  3. To make armor timing in the upcoming 1.20 Minecraft update.

Closing Thoughts

Terracotta is a cool solid colored block for decoration and has a clean, flat, and smooth textured look. Thanks to the wide range of colors it’s a perfect block to use for decoration and creative builds.

If you want to build a big project in survival mode using terracotta blocks then you’ll need to spend a fair amount of time either harvesting clay blocks, which are the core ingredient.

FAQs About Minecraft Terracotta

How to Get Terracotta in Minecraft

There are two ways to obtain terracotta in Minecraft – you can find it naturally in a badlands biome, or you can make it in a furnace by smelting a clay block.

How Can I Use Terracotta in Minecraft?

Terracotta has a few uses in Minecraft. The main use is simply as a decorative block, as it can be dyed in any of the 16 dye colors. Alternatively, it can be smelted into glazed terracotta blocks which have a slightly different appearance.

The final use is to make armor trimming templates, which will be introduced in Minecraft’s v1.20 update.

How to Get Clay Balls and Blocks in Minecraft?

You can get clay balls in Minecraft by mining clay blocks in the wild. You can craft clay blocks out of four clay balls, or you can directly mine clay blocks if you use a silk touch enchanted tool.

Clay is found all over the Minecraft world – typically around waterlogged areas, and under sand blocks. It can also be found in drier biomes like desert villagers and savannas.