How to Show FPS on Battlefield 2042: Short Guide

how to show fps on battlefield 2042


This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

That VideoGame Blog covers all things game strategy, helpful cheats, and exciting updates in PlayStation and Xbox gaming news. Today, we’re discussing the most recent multiplayer Battlefield release and how to show FPS in Battlefield 2042.

Players who pre-ordered Battlefield 2042 were able to jump into the game on November 19, 2021, as part of the Early Access release. Overall, critics and players alike agree that the graphics quality of this new first-person shooter video game is incredible. However, it’s not unusual for visual bugs to accompany high-quality graphics, which can become quite an interruption during games.

To keep your gaming session running smooth, you may want to check your frame rate and tweak your application settings for the best quality graphics. But you might not know how to locate your frames per second (FPS) info while playing Battlefield 2042. This article will discuss how to find and display your FPS counter in-game to ensure the best performance.

A Note on PC Quality and the FPS Counter

Frames per second is essentially a measurement of how smoothly a game’s console or your PC captures successive frames on-screen. A modern gaming console can produce a similar quality visual performance as a computer, but the two systems have different components and function very differently in terms of how you can improve the image quality and FPS.

If monitoring your frame rate and adjusting your settings while playing Battlefield 2042 doesn’t improve your computer’s visual performance, keep in mind that the poor quality may be related to your hardware rather than the game itself.

Your graphics processing unit affects FPS: more power units deliver higher FPS. A console’s graphics processing unit exists within the operating system, and updating it generally requires reconfiguring the entire motherboard, which makes improving the graphics quality challenging beyond purchasing an updated system.

However, you may be able to replace your computer’s hardware, and it’s important to know that the quality of your computer’s graphics card can affect your frame rate. If nothing else, it’s always a pretty good idea to update your hardware when you can!

How to Display FPS in Battlefield 2042

When attempting to display the in-game FPS counter, players have a few options when playing Battlefield 2042, depending on the site or system they use to play the game. Remember that these tips are specifically for PC players, and those playing on console may have to access different setting options.

Show FPS in Battlefield 2042 via Settings or Command Box

If you’re playing Battlefield 2042 on Origin, you’ll need to access Origin client from within the video game rather than at the main menu. From there, locate the Origin tab and switch over to it in-game. Once you’re in this new window, you should be able to scroll and select the option “Display FPS Counter.” Activating this option allows you to choose from four display options to position your FPS counter.

Alternatively, you can press the tilde key (~) to reveal the command box. Once the command box appears, type in the following code without the quotation marks:

“perfoverlay.drawfps 1”

Press the Enter key to confirm, and your FPS counter will appear at the top of the screen, allowing you to monitor your frames per second during games and (hopefully) avoid things from going wrong while you play.

Show FPS in Battlefield 2042 on Steam

Displaying the FPS in Battlefield 2042 on Steam is a bit different. To show FPS on Steam, you have to open the settings in a new window. From there, you should be able to turn on the option to show FPS and adjust the visibility so you can monitor your frames per second without disrupting on-screen visuals.

Another option involves accessing the Steam Overlay. To do so, press Shift-Tab and select the “In-Game” tab. You should see the option to enable an “in-game FPS counter.” Once you’ve enabled this option, you can press the Esc key to return to Battlefield 2042.

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