Hudson Entertainment closes, Hudson Soft still open

You’d think we should be getting used to news like this and that it wouldn’t affect us that much by now, but it would be a lie. In a heart-engaging letter by brand manager Morgan Haro, who obviously cared deeply for the company that provided him with not only an internship but also his first job in the industry, the fate of the western branch of Japanese Hudson Soft, Hudson Entertainment, has been revealed.

In the letter, Haro mentions numerous games that made the company what it had become, like Bomberman Live, Lost in Shadow, Oops! Prank Party, Bloody Roar, etc. But he also went on to explain that like every other company, Hudson Ent. just wasn’t perfect, detailing some key faults that might have been its demise.

Finally, and making this perfectly clear, only Hudson Entertainment has been closed. Hudson Soft is still open for business in Japan and will, since the acquisition of the entire Hudson group by Konami, remain focused on social and, quite probably, mobile games.