“Huge” announcement still to come from Epic Games

Epic Games has been in the news a lot recently just having released their full Unreal 3 engine to the public through the new UDK initiative. However according to the latest issue of PC Gamer magazine, the company still has one more announcement up their sleeve this year and apparently it’s going to be huge. What they’re planning is still a mystery but that doesn’t mean we can’t do some good ol’ fashioned speculation while we wait to find out.

If we go by the string of events lately with the recent release of UDK we would be inclined to guess that some kind of technological announcement was in store for us. We don’t think it could be Unreal Engine 4 as the console hardware hasn’t turned a cycle and the hardware wouldn’t be there to take advantage of a more advanced middle-ware. Not to mention the fact that Epic has a lot invested in the Unreal 3 platform and abandoning it now wouldn’t make much sense. Maybe it’s an Unreal engine for mobile use on platforms like Android and the iPhone. Would you consider that to be a huge announcement? Probably not.

Maybe we’re totally off base and it’s actually Unreal Tournament 4 or some new Unreal game. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s something totally new? Needless to say though we’re very interested in what Epic has to show us and we hope that is in fact, huge. What do you think the announcement is? Tell us and we won’t use the word “maybe” anymore today. Maybe.