I Am Alive dev looking for multiplayer designer

We haven’t heard much about I Am Alive since the debut trailer from E3 2008. We know that it takes place in Chicago, something very bad has happened, it’s in 1st person, water is very important, and you play as some schnook named Adam Collins who is searching for his girlfriend. Ubisoft has never talked about the game including online play, but the game’s developer, Ubisoft Shanghai, has recently posted a job listing for a lead multiplayer designer.

There are a few things one should not overlook before jumping to conclusions. First off, Ubisoft Shanghai is a huge development house with around 400 employees, so odds are that they’re probably working on multiple games other then just I Am Alive. Furthermore, I Am Alive has been in development for at least eighteen months, so if the game was to include online¬†multiplayer, a lead multiplayer designer would probably already be in place. That’s not to say that multiplayer will or will not be in I Am Alive, but this listing isn’t enough to pinpoint a definite answer.