id Software eases the PS3 rage over Rage

Remember yesterday? Yeah, it was kind of a while ago. Well, in case you don’t and you also didn’t bother to click the link in the first freakin’ sentence, we mentioned that id Software’s John Carmack mentioned that the performance (as in frames per second) of their upcoming Rage on the PlayStation 3 is about half what it is on Xbox 360 and PC. Looks like things got a little out of hand and some PS3 supporters probably showed some dismay. But fret not. Carmack mentions in the exact same Edge article these words of encouragement and appeasement. “Everything is designed as a 60 hertz game. We expect this to be 60 hertz on every supported platform.” He adds “The work remaining is getting it locked so there’s never a dropped frame or a tear, but we’re confident that we’re going to get that.”

They also made this tweet.

So there you go, folks. Rest easy, you Princes of PS3’s, and let’s all look forward to this game as one… whenever it comes out.