In My Shadow casts shade this April

My, there are some good puzzlers coming out at the moment aren’t there? I love when devs really think outside the box and try to do something new with the genre. Story-driven puzzlers are some of my absolute favorite things. I grew up with the point-and-click genre, so a game having an enticing story was paramount. A new title called¬†In My Shadow¬†will be appearing for you puzzling souls out there next week and it looks rather good, actually.

Coming to your PC contraptions via Steam courtesy of Playbae, In My Shadow, will be available to purchase come April 8th. Those of you who do strange things like listening to game soundtracks while not playing the game, (I’m one of you,) will be able to purchase the music as a separate entity from the same date.

In My Shadow takes you on a journey through the mind of Bella in the pursuit of reconciliation with her past. You will play through four distinct rooms, with each offering a glimpse into Bella’s memories; and explore the changing relationships with her family. As Bella explores her subconscious, a heartwarming story will unfold about a young woman looking for answers to questions in her past.

In My Shadow is a puzzle-platformer by nature. Bella‘s memories appear as shadows on the wall of her house. If she is to let go of her past she will need to manipulate these shadows in order to complete the 50 plus puzzles that are being presented to her. This is done by manipulating the furniture in the room, casting new shadows, and allowing her silhouette to progress. There are multiple solutions to these puzzles, so it’s more a case of using your head than banging it on a wall because you’re stuck.

In My Shadow has already garnered a fair bit of support from the industry. Having already won the IGDC Upcoming Game of the Year, and Indie Prize Asia’s Most Innovative Game; this title might be something that seriously needs a closer look.

If you’ve been on the search for a new puzzler to sink your teeth into, you can wishlist In My Shadow over on Steam now. This game looks just different enough to be well worth investigating further come next week. This should also appeal to fans of the puzzle and virtual-novel genres alike with it focusing as much on story as it does its puzzles. If you’re wanting to do a bit more digging, I’ll leave you with the website so you can learn a wee bit more.