Incoming Drone Strike!


Well that woke you up didn’t it? Don’t worry, you can get out from under your desk now. I’m referring to a videogame. Said game is obviously Drone Strike Force and it’s coming our way in the not too distant future.

The guys and gals over at Odisi games have quite a lot on at the moment. The open beta for Drone Strike Force is over on Steam right as we speak and will be for the rest of the weekend. The full launch is only five scant days away. Come August 16th this title will launch over on Steam at $19.99. You’ll also be pleased to know that there isn’t any in-game monetization planned; at least not for the moment.

So the first question to ask would be, “is this just another FPS?” well … no not really. For starters this game is actively challenging the genre with it’s six-axis competitive gameplay.

To give you a very brief overview … in the mid-21st century citizen soldiers and corporations are in an ongoing battle over cities decimated by global warming, As such, combat is staged using teams of drones which connect to their controllers via the Drone Brain Meld Interface which in turn gives them full neural control of their vehicle.

As the player you are invited to take part in one of these teams where you will find yourself in high velocity combat, using your drone’s agility to outmaneuver your opponents and aid in giving your team the win.

Drones are customizable and you’ll be able to choose from a variety of unique drones, weapons and skills which will allow you to tailor the way you play to your own preferred style.

Should you want in on the open beta you’d better get over to the game’s Steam page now as there won’t be a great deal of time left. If you do manage to get a look before launch you’ll have access to all of the content Drone Strike Force has to offer. This includes the Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Domination play modes and the all new XXXX map.

So there you have it. Fans of games that allow you to break things (like each other) in team-based scenarios should love Drone Strike Force. If you miss that beta don’t worry too much, you won’t have long to wait for the full title. It definitely looks like an interesting new way to play for FPS fanatics amongst you.