Inertial Drift racing towards consoles and PC in 2020


Tear around bends at breakneck speed or drift through neon cities in uniquely crafted race cars. This game gives you total control over your vehicle’s maneuverability with twin-stick control. Choose from a host of colorful cars with bold black outlines in an intense 1-on-1 arcade racing experience.

Inertial Drift

Inertial Drift is developed by Northern Softworks and distributed by PQube. The videogame focuses on intuitive control with a twin-stick scheme for drifting and independent control for steering. Each car has unique capabilities that are influenced by throttling and braking to give a realistic gaming experience.

Inertial Drift is a retro arcade racer that seems to offer a different approach with more intuitive mechanics. The concept is simple, choose from a roster of 16 different vehicles and compete against each other on different tracks. However, this is something we’ve seen a thousand times before during the 1990’s with titles such as Ridge Racer and Sega Super GT.

Inertial Drift

The videogame looks like something you’d get on a PS1 with big bold pixelated graphics that recall the heyday of multiplayer racing. The new level of precision allows cars to drift a hair’s breadth away from the crash barrier and each other as you master every car’s unique driving style.

The videogame will also support split-screen gameplay for two players to race each other. Inertial Drift could revitalize the racing genre but does it have enough to set it apart from the classic titles that it’s trying to emulate?

Inertial Drift will be available on console and PC Spring 2020.