inFamous 2 gameplay footage from PAX 10 shows the goods

[tvgb 192225]

To date, Sucker Punch has revealed small bits and pieces of information on inFamous 2, and most of what we know is from the videos they have released. Gameplay, however, has only had one short video. Now we have two, and with each one we seem to see more little bits that could make this game as much fun as the first.

This video offers a glimpse at a new ability of Cole’s: lifting metal objects and launching them with precision, or as much as a huge car will allow. There’s also a fight with a new monster, one of those ramming-straight-at-you kinds you have to dive around before launching cars and other damaging things. The new move is definitely the more exciting of the two; the destruction behind it just looks too delicious. Expect to enjoy this activity, and more as it’s revealed, yourself on PS3 sometime next year.