Infamous 2 gets a little Sackboy in its shocks, user-genereated missions to feature

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This one’s unexpected; Sucker Punch used GDC to reveal a bold new feature for Infamous 2. Thankfully it’s not an unwanted multiplayer component, rather a LittleBigPlanet-style system where players can create their very own missions and share them online.

The trailer above puts the feature through its paces, showing us what types of missions can be created and a little bit of how they can be created. There’s footage of standard escort, defense, and other missions, but where things really get interesting is when we see more unique missions like obstacle courses and platforming-focused levels.

Players rate levels once they’ve played them, although you won’t be able to access levels that use aspects from points in the story mode that you haven’t reached yet. Sucker Punch will also promote missions that have high ratings.

Want to know more? How about playing it early? The developer has announced that there will be a limited public beta starting in April. More details on that will launch on the game’s website come March 14. Infamous 2 launches on June 7.